From Heritage to Future

Youth Prize Contest – 1 st edition 2020





The Water we want
From Heritage to Future

Youth Prize Contest – 1st edition 2020

The Youth Prize Contest The Water We Want aims at engaging young people as storytellers of our multifaceted water heritage and narrators of a more sustainable future.

How can we inspire new behaviors and attitudes, to be more respectful of nature and promote better water uses and management? What daily contributions can we make to protect the increasingly scarce water resources we depend upon? What can we learn from our inherited water values and assets to help us look after our liquid future?

Through an invitation to submit videos, drawings and photographs, this contest calls on youngsters worldwide to explore creatively the crucial importance of any form of water heritage. A strong link is made to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Water We Want - UNESCO Communication Campaign - Launch from WAMUNET on Vimeo.



The contest is addressed to schools, other learning institutions and civil society organizations worldwide, with entries being submitted through the members of the Global Network of Water Museums.

For the contest in 2020, despite difficult working conditions caused by the spread of COVID-19, more than 400 drawings, videos and photographs were submitted. Collaborating water museums in 20 different countries made a variety of beautiful supporting posters.

From a shortlist of 102 entries pre-selected by the partner museums, the Jury of the Global Network of Water Museums chose 6 final winners: 2 videos, 2 drawings and 2 photos. A further 18 entries received special mentions.


Contest Toolkit

The complete toolkit of the youth contest is downloadable here


Jury Members

Eulisse Eriberto
Executive Director of the Global Network of Water Museums, Director of Civiltà dell’Acqua International Centre, and Coordinator of the UNESCO Chair “Water, Heritage and Sustainability” at Ca’ Foscari Venice University.

La Spada Giuseppe
Environmental artist, Webby Awards Winner, Member of The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (New York) and Communication manager of the Global Network of Water Museums.

Lee-Niinioja Hee Sook
President of the Scientific Committee of ICOMOS-ICICH (Intangible Cultural Heritage), journalist, artist and designer. Member of the Advisory Committee of the Global Network of Water Museums.

Lessa Joana
Senior Lecturer in Design at the University of Algarve, and researcher at the University of Lisbon, Portugal. Member of the Advisory Committee of the Global Network of Water Museums.

Moors Eddy
Rector of IHE-Delft and Professor “Water & Climate”, VU-University, Amsterdam, Netherlands. President of the Global Network of Water Museums.

Otte Alexander
UNESCO-IHP (Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme). Representative of IHP at the Management Board of the Global Network of Water Museums.

Philippe Pypaert
Head of the Natural Sciences Unit of the UNESCO Beijing Office (China), Responsible Office of the Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme (IHP) for the People’s Republic of China, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Japan, Mongolia and the Republic of Korea.

Scoullos Michael
Chairman of MIO-ECSDE, UNESCO Chair holder (University of Athens), and driving force of the Mediterranean Strategy on ESD, Greece. Member of the Management Board of the Global Network of Water Museums.

Sharrocks Amy
Amy is an artist who has spent over a decade investigating people and water with careful observations. Her live artwork “Museum of Water” has travelled to over 50 sites worldwide, been visited by over 60,000 people and was nominated for European Museum of the Year 2016.


Partners of the Youth Contest

AUSTRIA – Danube Water-Adventure, Marktgemeinde Engelhartszell

BANGLADESH - Water Museum,Kalapara

BELGIUM – Hidrodoe, Herentals

CHINA – Baiheliang Underwater Museum, Chongqing-Fuling

CHINA – Changjiang Civilization Museum, Wuhan

CHINA – National Water Museum of China, Hangzhou

CROATIA – AQUATIKA – Freshwater Aquarium, Karlovac

ECUADOR – Yaku Parque Museo del Agua, Quito

GERMANY – Water Museum of Bavaria “Haus am Strom”, Jochestein

GREECE – Hydria Water Network, MIO-ECSDE, Athens

GREECE – World Water Museum (travelling)

INDIA – Living Waters Museum

IRELAND – Water Museum of Ireland

ITALY – Natural History Museum / Fondazione Musei Civici, Venice

ITALY – MUSE / Science Museum, Trento

ITALY – River Navigation Museum, Battaglia Terme - Padua

ITALY – Water Museum of Venice

MEXICO - Museo Del Agua "Agua Para Siempre", Tehuacan

MOROCCO – Musée de la Civilisation de l’Eau au Maroc “Mohamed VI”, Marrakech

PORTUGAL – Museu da Agua, Lisbon

ROMANIA – Water Museum “Leonida Truta”, Cluj-Napoca

SPAIN – AGBAR, Museu de les Aigües, Cornella’ de LLobregat - Barcelona

SPAIN – Museu de la Tècnica de Manresa, Manresa

THE NETHERLANDS – Biesbosch Museumeiland, Werkendam


24 water museums confirmed participation to the 1st Youth Contest The Water We Want involving about 7.000 students. After launching the contest with beautiful posters and playbills in 20 different countries, the partnering museums pre-selected 102 entries out of approx. 400 submitted works. In turn, the Jury selected 6 final winners (one per category of each age group) and 18 special mentions.