Who we are

The Global Network of Water Museums is a registered non-profit organization based in Venice, Italy. It was endorsed in 2018 as a “flagship initiative” of UNESCO by the Council of the Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme through the Resolution n.XXIII-5, titled: “The Global Network of Water Museum and UNESCO-IHP in support of water sustainability education and water awareness efforts”. The Global Network aims at raising awareness on our precious water heritage by coordinating the educational activities of water museums and institutions worldwide.

While fostering the fundamental values of any form of water heritage, whether natural or cultural, and trying to create new links between past and present water values and management practices, our network seeks for solutions to the global water crisis and promotes the implementation of SDGs. All our network members are engaged in changing the mindset of people and reconnecting humanity to all forms of water heritage, including the natural, social, cultural, artistic and spiritual dimensions of any water legacy .

Living Waters Museum