The Youth Prize Contest The Water We Want aims at engaging young people as narrators of our cultural and natural water heritage and storytellers of our liquid futures

The youth prize contest, The Water We Want, aims at engaging young people as narrators of our multifaceted water heritage and storytellers of more sustainable water futures.

How can we change the mindset of people and inspire new behaviours and attitudes to be more respectful of nature and promote awareness of all water uses? What daily actions can we make to protect the increasingly scarce water resources we depend upon? And what can we learn from our inherited water legacies to look for new solutions and foster the green recovery of our planet?

This contest calls on young generations worldwide to explore the crucial importance of any form of water heritage, both natural and cultural, tangible and intangible, creatively. The contest addresses schools, learning institutions and civil society organisations worldwide. All entries are to be submitted through the members of the Global Network of Water Museums.

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