The Water We Want 2022 - Photos


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Winner Winner

Leonida Trutà Water Museum Cluj-Napoca Romania

The Village Fountain

Leonida Trutà Water Museum, Cluj-Napoca. "Alexandru Borza" Technological High School, Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Denisa Mihaela Filip.

The village fountain, the place where our grandparents and great-grandparents met most of the time when they went with the animals to water. The place where children drink ice-cold water on hot days and cool off, the meeting place of the young people of the village who courted and made plans for the future together. The fountain has remained in everyone's memory as a well-deserved resting place that brings everyone the reward it deserves. The village changed at the same time as the fountain. It is now used as a source of water for humans due to its purity. Nothing compares to the natural water that comes from mother nature on a sunny summer day. I wish my future children could enjoy this fountain, as so many generations in a row have enjoyed. Even if to some it seems like nothing at all, for us, those who understand the purity and joy of small things, it means a lot. The fountain, the place with memories of generations.

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AQUATIKA – Freshwater Aquarium, Karlovac

Past and Present on the River

Aquatika – Freshwater Aquarium Karlovac. Primary School Mahično, Karlovac, Croatia. Fran Sušilović.

"I talked about life on the river Kupa with my grandmother who grew up on the river. The river used to mean a lot to them. Everything they did was related to the river. They did her laundry, they watered cattle, soaked hemp and flax from which they wove cloth for clothing and folk costumes. Across the river they crossed to the other shore in a boat, which they called a “čun”. In the summer they bathed and refreshed after hard work in the field. To me, a little boy, the river is very dear, I love it. I find shells in it, I like to go swimming in the summer. In the spring, it is best to walk along the river and throw pebbles deep into the water. By the river, always on the shore I find springs and other colorful tubes. We are very happy to live near the river."

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Special Mention Special Mention (with Commendation on “Waterscapes”)

Museos de Mequinenza

Down by the Riverside

Museos de Mequinenza. Centro de FP 'Santa Agatoclia', Mequinenza, Spain. Ana Mendoza Sueiro.

My project aims to highlight the beauty and importance of the riparian woodlands, which is a vital part of the water ecosystem. They are rich in biodiversity and also provide defense against flooding. They are also artistic places, where we can appreciate the force of water (old trunk), the passage of time (with the spring flowers) and the changes of nature.

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WAMU-NET Advisory Committee

Clean Water Around Us

WAMU-NET Advisory Committee. SMK Medamit, Sarawak, Malaysia. Gloria Gracie Anak Basih.

The water around us is very necessary for daily life and the well-being of life. Water is a mandatory substance to continue daily life. Water is an inorganic, transparent, tasteless, odourless, and nearly colourless chemical substance, which is the main constituent of Earth's hydrosphere and the fluids of all known living organisms. Therefore, we need to take care of the water for the next generation.

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Ecomuseum Martesana, Milano

Blue Gold

Ecomuseum Martesana, Milano. Istituto Bellisario, Inzago, Italy. 2C.

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Class 2C of the high school of human sciences of IIS Bellisario (MI) wanted to create an ebook which tells the story of water. A sad story, unless we all become more aware and try to value and preserve water, starting from the one near us. The multimedia book represents the link with the stories of the past, handed down from generation to generation, and arrived until today. The chapters are the result of the insights that each group wanted to do, expressing themselves in the most free and personal way. The group spirit, nourished by the outing in the territory, is the most beautiful result we have achieved, after the isolation suffered bacause of the pandemic. This spirit has managed to include even those who, for countless reasons, had always remained on the margins: finally, even these most fragile children have plunged into a river in flood and have been able to express ideas and emotions, through a plurality of communication channels: writing (Italian and English), images, photos, videos, music, alternative augmentative communication. Our ebook must be able to reach the largest number of users to tell a story of hope: the story of young people who are aware of their great responsibility to be guardians of the planet's water, our only planet.

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spinea opera

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Water Museum of Venice

Water is a Precious Good: Let's Save It!

Water Museum of Venice. Primary school “A.Frank” of Spinea, Italy. 3^B.

Students from 3rd grade, section B, of Anna Frank School in Spinea asked themselves: what’s water to us? What do we need it for? Where does it come from? We went through a brainstorming over water and its many states, then observing our surroundings. The children enjoyed diving into the experimenting phase over its properties, as well as going through essays and videotapes, all to get to a moment when they shared their thoughts on the daily habits we can adopt daily, to take care of this precious good. By the end of the project, the children developed a synthesis with all the key concepts and created a big poster with all the beautifully hand drawn habits, followed by italian and english captions.

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Water Museum of Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

The Water We Need

Water Museum of Udaipur, Rajasthan. Sunbeam Lahartara, Varanasi, India. Wazaat Hussain.

The water we need to survive, the water we need to drink, the water we need to shower or the water we need to waste?? Each and every action we do at day-to-day life with water is nothing but exploitation. We waste water unnecessarily, each day taking showers, keeping taps open while brushing teeth or water used in flushes, we waste 4-5 liters from each. Either wasting water we can conserve it, conserve it in a form of reservoirs, tankers, harvesting plants from where all of us can access. This poster depicts the same the condition water scarcity is leading and to conserve the water with distinctive colour gradings.

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Water Museum of Venice

Water Is Life

Water Museum of Venice. Primary School “Mandela” of Olme – Mogliano Veneto, Italy. 2^A and 2^B.

This title is a perfect summary of our cross-disciplinary work. We have made the painting you can see in our photograph all together by creating and assembling different elements. Water is really precious and our little hands want to collect and take care of water without wasting any drop.

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National Water Museum of China

Casting the Fishing Net

National Water Museum of China. Hangzhou Shengli Primary School Xincheng Campus, China. Zhang Xinyue.

The photo was taken at the mangrove area in Xiapu, Fujian Province. The fisherman had waited in his boat for the chance to come. As the boat gradually drew near, the fisherman suddenly cast his net to the water, in the hope of getting a decent gain from this netting.The fishing tradition has been kept and passed down from generation to generation in this small village. It is the old ways of life we rarely see in fast-paced modern cities.

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Museos de Mequinenza

Start the Change

Museos de Mequinenza. Centro de FP 'Santa Agatoclia', Mequinenza, Spain. Gabriel Vizcaíno Arbiol.

There are many simple things we can do to save water. Many different ways to save water start by just turning off the tap (brushing teeth, washing hands, cooking, taking a shower...). The change starts with a simple action. The photography means that each and every drop of water is important for our life.

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